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Doodle #354: Stanley Hudson: A Class Act.

Stanley Hudson — A Class Act.

I started watching Project Runway this year in an attempt to understand what designers are thinking when they fashion clothing.  First and most important, the best designers are artists first. I like artists; after all, I am one.

Project Runway is a cross between a quiz show and a reality show with each episode having a “challenge.”  Most of the challenges are offbeat, such as making an ensemble out of hardware and plants, or clothes for a superstar or a model who is young and gorgeous.  My favorite so far though has been the “Senior Fling”, so named because the models are actual women who just happen to be seniors.  This particular challenge had a time limit of only one day, instead of the usual two, to make a fashion statement within a budget and take into consideration the preferences of their models of assorted tastes, styles and shapes.

My favorite, Stanley Hudson, a Los Angeles designer with a tendency toward the elegant, did not turn up his nose at the challenge. Several of the other contestants were absolutely flummoxed as to what to do for an older woman.

It gives me hope to know that there is a designer out there who has not pigeon-holed senior women as hopeless, and who sends them to the sweat-suit aisle. I applaud him for his design and hope to see a lot more from him in the coming years.

In case you did not see the show, here is his design, which just happened to also be the winner of the challenge:

Design by Stanley Hudson.