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Doodle #65: A Real, Actual Conversation on Facebook.

A Real, Actual Conversation on Facebook.

A Real, Actual Conversation on Facebook -- Click on the above image to enlarge, then come back here and scroll down to see the actual Facebook conversation.

P. N. Abdulmutallab was on a “generic” terrorist watch list, which includes more than half a million names, but was not elevated to a no-fly list or even designated for additional security searches, Napolitano said. That would have required “specific, credible, derogatory information,” she said……….incredible!!
Sun at 15:18

Jeffrey Robert Broido

But I can’t fly with my Swiss army knife, nose drops, etc.

Sun at 15:59

M. R. E.

It is called politcal correctness

Sun at 16:39

Jeffrey Robert Broido

In my opinion, it’s not political correctness but, rather, stupidity. The man was well known but dismissed as no threat whatsoever. In that case, had he been hassled in advance of his attempt, he could have sued, using the evidence that even Homeland Security didn’t think him a threat. But clearly he was a threat, so the original assessment was moronic.

Sun at 17:24

M. R. E.

By not profiling him …that is political correctness

Sun at 17:40

Barbara Broido

Mollie, you are being a troll.

Sun at 17:57

M. R. E.

What??? Am I not being polically correct??? If I am a troll, whatever that may be pray tell….Then you are someone that maybe needs to move to a different country. We have problems in this country and a big issue is all this political correctness that is ruining our system that our fore fathers worked very hard for. All you left leaning communists need to move out of the USA!!!! Go to a communist country, you will be so much happier !

Sun at 18:21

Barbara Broido

I’m so sorry; I assumed you’d understand. A troll, in the context of computer forums such as this, chat rooms, peer-to-peer support forums, newsgroups, etc., is someone who posts something which, in the context of the particular group conversation, he or she knows will be inflammatory. The troll does this as he or she is bored and craves the smug satisfaction of making other people angry.

Sun at 18:38

Jeffrey Robert Broido

@Mollie: Your hate is radiating so strongly that it’s palpable clear across this great country of ours. Why do you hate so? What are you afraid of losing to the unwashed rabble of whom you’re so afraid?

Sun at 18:41

M. R. E.

Jeff…You have me pegged sooo wrong. I absolutely love my country and the people in it. What I do not like is people wanting to change our democratic system. I love people of all colors and persuasions, to say I hate is so far off the beam it is actually really laughable.

Sun at 18:49

M. R. E.

I have a German friend (non-Jew) She grew up in E.Germany. Her Father was a surgeon. Back then the Gov wanted the family home because it was large and they just wanted it. The Father lost his home, his profession and had to move his family into an intern camp. My friend finally ended up in W.Germany and then to US when she turned 18. She sees the signs, the very same signs that was going on in Germany back then, happening now. Slowly as people are believing everything the Gov tells us. We do not want more Gov in our life, why can’t people see this. Read Ayn Rand, she tells it much better than I.

Sun at 18:55

Jeffrey Robert Broido

@Mollie: I stand my ground. After all, I’m fully qualified to think that you are full of hate, this based upon the actual words you write. What? You doubt my qualifications? But you, yourself, did the same when you pronounced that my wife is a Communist who should move out of OUR country. Don’t kid us; we know you’re as full of hate as cash and privilege. We po’ folk, here. We barely get along. But we’re happy. In fact, we’re very, very happy. I doubt you can say the same, spewing hate as you do.

Sun at 18:58

Barbara Broido

Paul, we’re waiting for you to say something. You started this!

Sun at 18:59

M. R. E.

Paul is very smart.

Sun at 19:00

M. R. E.

He also knows that there is not a mean bone in my body. I am not usually a Troll. I get insensed when people cannot see where our Gov is taking us.

Sun at 19:02

Jeffrey Robert Broido

Well, as Paul declined to intervene, let me ask you again… You say this is a matter of us horrible FDR liberals being all PC. We say it was a mistake (which the current administration admits and the Bush administration never would have) in not putting Mutallab on the no-fly list after his influential father warned the US, and letting him on the plane (outside the USA, I might add) without baggage and without personal inspection.

I ask again if you would have all swarthy types, with or without Arab headdress and black people (who, in this case, just happens to be a radical Muslim) singled out for special treatment, profiled as you say?

This guy SHOULD have been singled-out as he’s a known radical and we were specifically warned. This guy should NOT have been singled-out just because he’s African (unless your fear of The Other extends to black people, I suppose).

You’re incensed (with a “c”) when “people cannot see where our Gov is taking us,” but what has this to do with what Paul posted? What are you afraid of losing? Your privileged status? Are you afraid The Other will move-in next door? You’re afraid of us, but we’re very much afraid of you and yours.

Yesterday at 15:16

M. R. E.

Yes, he should have been singled out. But can’t you understand, yes…it
was a mistake by listening to the radical left and by doing that they thought they were being politically correct in NOT SINGLING HIM OUT !!!

Yesterday at 17:03

Jeffrey Robert Broido

You didn’t answer my question. Would you profile and single-out all black Africans in western garb? How about eighth generation black Americans, in western garb, flying to Detroit from Amsterdam? If not, then political correctness has nothing to do with this except in your fantasy. He should have been on the no-fly list because he was on the  possible radical list AND his father had warned the USA that his views had turned very extreme and the father suspected he’d do something like this. And he had no luggage! This has NOTHING to do with political correctness. It was criminal negligence. That’s it. Now, answer my question or fade away into your comfortable life (I’m picturing a McMansion, perhaps, with six bedrooms and five full baths, with a professional, six-burner range with hood; don’t forget the obligatory three car garage and sauna with room for a pony) and leave us FDR liberals alone. Oh, and make certain, if you will, that your grandchildren aren’t sent to public school. Don’t drive on taxpayer-supported roads, don’t fly anywhere, because that would require taxpayer-supported flight controllers, and, when you hit retirement age, do forgo your Social Security benefits, won’t you? Meanwhile, we’re still hoping for a public option or single-payer system (even better), a la Canada, this despite the fact that we’ll be eligible for Medicare in a couple of years, long before the health insurance changes are set to take effect. See, we FDR liberals are different from you Other-shunning conservatives in that we want what’s right for everyone, not just what serves us.

Paul, we’re still waiting for you to call a halt to this nonsense. Til you do, we’re on troll patrol.

Yesterday at 17:27

P. N.

Hey!! Neutral corners people! I do not know how this devolved into arguing over “PCness”. For me , the most eyeopening part of the story was that the “generic” terrorist list has OVER A HALF MILLION names. These are people that are suspect and can board planes! Get me a bus!

@Molly….do you not consider that both liberals and conservatives adhere to the concept of PC? That political correctness (right or wrong) has to do with avoiding the rush to judgement based on stereotypes and has no political affiliation. If I assume all blonde women are dumb, all blacks are lazy and all Jews are cheap would that be PC. And where would that put me on the Liberal-Conservative scale??

Yesterday at 18:15

M. R. E.

NO NO NO What is wrong with you. The Gov had the info on the man and
because of PC did not go after him. They had enough info on him to pull him
out. You have a screw loose to think I would profile people as you mentioned.

Yesterday at 18:41

M. R. E.

Jeffrey I meant

Yesterday at 18:42

M. R. E.

Hi Paul,

“rush to judgement based on stereotypes”…….Paul, that is what they did
!!! Or I should say did not do. They did NOT want to rush to judgement
!!!! because of PC !! That terrorist had all the signs of the bad guy but because of PC they let him through. They did not want to stereotype him.

The people who don’t understand this concept are people who lean way to the
left. This is exactly what happened in other countries when they were on
the way falling to communism. This is fact. People who will not open the
mind to the fact that our Gov is pushing us in a very wrong direction, is
hard to comprehend. Now, I don’t know whether or not these people on
Facebook are communism lovers, I was just mad that they jumped all over me. I
really don’t care what side you are on Paul, I just enjoy your friendship.

Yes I am very conservative and that does not mean Republican especially.
I believe in small Gov, not big Gov. That is my mantra. Hugs, Mollie

Yesterday at 19:04

Jeffrey Robert Broido

@Mollie, You simply don’t get it and, alas, I know you never, ever will. Your logical mistake is in concocting a hate-based fantasy and then applying it to the real world. That fantasy is that this guy wasn’t stopped because bleeding-heart FDR pinko commie liberals think it’s fine to have people blowing up airplanes as long as we don’t offend anyone. This is NONSENSE! This is your Glenn Beckized view of the real world. But it’s not the real world alone, it’s the real world as viewed through your fearful, paranoid, frankly miserly and self-centered glasses, the real world tempered by fear and hate, as cheered-on by the greatest fantasy spinners of all time, the conservative media hosts like Limbaugh, Beck and the granddaddy fantasy manipulator of all time, Rove. But it’s not real! It’s your fantasy. So, you go hide in your white, anglo-saxon protestant enclave and build a shelter against the great unwashed, the blacks, the Jews, the towelheads of all persuasions (even if some of them are pacifist Indian Hindus – the towel is simply too, too…). You’ll need it, for, like it or not, there’s nothing you can do. I’m angry, as you can probably tell. My fondest hope is that you get ten times angrier at me than I am at you; it obviously comes naturally to you.

Yesterday at 20:33

M. R. E.


Yesterday at 20:41

Jeffrey Robert Broido

Only with the likes of you, deary, only with the likes of you. At least I’m not consumed with hate.

6 hours ago

M. R. E.

You are the one consumed with HATE. I do not hate anyone. I especially love the Blacks, Muslims, Jews, unwashed,…..that see where our Gov is taking us. They are out there Jeffrey and you certainly are not one of them are you? No…You want our Gov to be like all the other Communist Countries.

Well….DREAM ON Jeffrey, ain’t goin to happen


3 hours ago

M. R. E.


3 hours ago

Jeffrey Robert Broido

Oh, you’re a last worder, then? Good! You’ve said what you need to, all dangerously foolish Beckian fantasy. Why, I’ll bet you believed the swift boat nonsense, too. Have a good tea party.

3 hours ago


Doodle #64: From the archive and 1998 – Cleaning the House.

From the archive and 1998 - Cleaning the House.

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Doodle #63: From the archive and 1998 – At Theodore Presser Co.

From the archive and 1998 - At Theodore Presser Co.

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Doodle #62: Voodoo Doll #7 – John McCain.

Voodoo Doll #7 - John McCain.

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Doodle #61: Portrait of Barry Horowitz.

Portrait of Barry Horowitz.

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Doodle #60: Voodoo Doll Number 6, George W. Bush.

Voodoo Doll Number 6, George W. Bush.

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Doodle #59: Bedbugs in Morristown, New Jersey.

Bedbugs in Morristown, New Jersey.

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Doodle #58: Ronald Reagan Voodoo Doll.

Ronald Reagan Voodoo Doll.

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Doodle #57: Joe Lieberman Voodoo Doll.

Joe Lieberman Voodoo Doll.

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Doodle #56: Portrait of James Larmore.

Portrait of James Larmore.

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Doodle #55: Hypochondriacs Anonymous Meeting #6.

Hypochondriacs Anonymous Meeting #6.

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Doodle #54: Afghanivietnamistan, The Mission Continues…

Afghanivietnamistan, The Mission Continues...

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